New and Upcoming Makeup Releases November 26, 2021

Its that time of the week again! I run through upcoming makeup releases and give my opinions! No ramble. Let’s jump right in! First up is Colourpop Smoke N Roses. Honestly this is cuuuute. Loving the colours, I like the setup, it looks like 4 sets of quads with colour on the bottom to help […]


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Green Eyeshadow Look

Todays look is all about the green eyeshadow. For the eyes I used the Juvias Place Tribe Palette and a Green shade from the Prados Beauty Stephen Paul Judd line (the first one) I also used the Cheekbone Beauty Complexion Pencils, this time using a sponge and it turned out so nice and dewy, if […]

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Electric Blue Eyeshadow Look

Today’s look was a neon blue look with a minimal base and bright coral lips. The eyeshadows used in this look were from the Juvias Place Masquerade Palette. Dalia was placed in the outer corner and smoked out with a fluffy brush. I then placed Chi all over the lid and blended into Dalia. For […]

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