Cheekbone Beauty – Stardust Palette

Cheekbone Beauty Stardust PaletteThe Cheekbone Beauty Stardust™ Palette retails for $48.00 CAD. Its a beautiful highlight palette with three highlights to choose from.  All  the  products from Cheekbone Beauty are Vegan and Cruelty free and made in Canada.

Golden Dust which is a beautiful golden shade that looks natural and sunkissed. Ive  used it as an eyeshadow several times and it always give my eye looks a nice subtle glow.

Cheek Dust which is a soft pink with a gold sheen that if my absolute favourite highlight, and I like to use it as a blush as well as a highlight.

Glow Dust is a soft silver pink and  also  has  a soft  pink  sheen  to  it.

I have had the opportunity to use this palette for a long while now and I love how buildable this product is. You can use it for a soft subtle glow or for an extreme highlight depending on your preferred makeup style.

Like I said above, they can be easily used as eyeshadows and do perform nicely as eyeshadows as well. The palette is a little small but it does fit in most purses, I’ve taken it in a small purse and it fit better than my wallet does.
Golden Dust

You can see how soft the highlight is when used to just add a natural glow. The colours are very flattering on my skin tone and I tend to vary from very light in the winter time to a dark medium in the summer.

I am a brand ambassador for Cheekbone Beauty but I also really love the company for what it is, an Indigenous owned brand that gives back to its community.

If you would like to use my code (I do receive a commision at no cost to you) my code is VEROS73 .

Products can be purchased here.


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