The Make-Up Manual by Lisa Potter-Dixon – Book Review

The Makeup Manual

This book was first published in 2012. I flipped through this book hoping for a lot more than it actually offered. There was a small section on determining your skin type (I spoke about it in my youtube video) and it had the usual skin type categories.

When flipping through the book I felt like there was a lot to take in. There is a lot of instruction but also a lot of minor tips and I get distracted far too easy so I found it really distracting when I was reading it.

The diagrams in the book are helpful, especially if you are trying to learn how to apply contour and blush, but once again there are a lot of distractions. When trying to follow step by step instructions I found the photos didnt correlate to the steps but I am sure it was meant for someone who doesnt get easily distracted.

The looks contained in the book are more of a timeless look and can be great for someone starting out with learning how to do simpler looks. There are some more avant garde looks but I think they use craft glitter and we all know thats a no-no.

I think this would be a great book for someone starting out, and someoe who doesnt get easily distracted. Alas, tis not the book for me.

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