Half Liner = Half Asleep

Today I tried something to try and make my eyes pop. I decided to do a half liner look on my eyes today. I went to be late last night (rewatching Dexter because I have a problem) so I thought that a half lined lid would help open up my eyes. I used the Annabelle Cosmetics Stay Sharp Metallic liner in Black Metal

Half liner look, Annabelle Cosmetics

I mean, I guess it could look worse. My real saving grace is the waterline. I used Annabelle Cosmetics waterline kohl pencil in Beige which honestly save my tired looking butt this morning.

The eyeshadow I used for this look is the elf Cosmetics Opposites Attract palette. I used Fresh as a base colour, Witty and Smooth on the outer corner of my lid for a simple smokey look for work.

Brow product is as always my Cheekbone Beauty Perfect Brow in Brunette. I love the formula and it adds the perfect tint for my eyebrows and doesnt make them look blocky.

Cheekbone Beauty Stardust palette, cheekbone sweetgrass

On my cheeks is the Sephora exclusive Tarte Cosmetics blush in Paarty. (Yes I only use like 3 blushes. I like what I like) and the Cheekbone Beauty Stardust palette using the color Glow Dust which is a nice soft shimmery look totally appropriate for work.

Lips are just a simple lipgloss . Cheekbone Beauty lipgloss in the colour Sweetgrass. It’s the perfect nude, and makes any look have a little extra pizazz.

That’s the breakdown of today’s look. If you try something like this let me know! I love to look at peoples faces, especially if they do it better than I can (which is usually what happens).

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchases made will not cost you any additional amounts but I will receive a commission.

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