Juvias Place The Saharan Palette Review

I clearly have a problem. But I think of all the problems to have, buying too many Juvias Place palettes is pretty low. I just purchased The Saharan Palette by Juvias Place and my friends. It was well worth the money I paid (20 USD).


Very much like their Magic Mini Palette this palette has 12 shades. All are extremely pigmented and blend nicely together. picture_20190427_184746670


I was initially worried about the black shade, because I havent found the right pigmented shade of black for really heavy dark smokey eyes but as per usual Juvias Place killed it once again.

There is another gold shade in this palette and I thought it would be too similar to the gold shade in the Magic Mini palette but this gold is a lot more yellow and richer while the gold in the Magic Mini palette is a little more green toned.

My favourite shade might be Kia as its kind of a duochrome shade. It has a very grungey vibe to it with a brown/red undertone. Not unlike an oil slick in the best way.

The colours are all fairly choesive and anyone cant create a huge aray of looks with this palette, there are 4 matte shades and the rest are shimmers but the shimmers work so well that it isnt distracting to use them all over the lid.

This palette is a lot more cohesive as far as palettes go, just look at the swatches alone I can come up with several different looks and styles. If you were looking for something from Juvias Place with a little more organization and cohesion this would definitely be your best choice.

Have you purchased any Juvias Place palettes? If so what did you think? Until next time!


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