Electric Blue Eyeshadow Look

Today’s look was a neon blue look with a minimal base and bright coral lips.

The eyeshadows used in this look were from the Juvias Place Masquerade Palette. Dalia was placed in the outer corner and smoked out with a fluffy brush. I then placed Chi all over the lid and blended into Dalia.

For the eyeliner I used Annabelle Cosmetics Waterline Kohl pencil in Mint. I had to use a liner brush as the liner is a little soft and can end up looking too smudged, so if you want a crisp line I would suggest using a liner brush. In the waterline is the Annabelle Cosmetics Waterline Kohl in Beige.

The foundation I used was my current go to is the Makeup Forever foundation stick in shade 128. This foundation seems to be the only foundation that’s working during my winter/summer skin change. I’ll be sad when I cant use it anymore due to my extreme tanning, unless I keep up with putting on sunscreen.

For the cheeks I used my Cheekbone Beauty Stardust Palette and put on Cheek Dust for a light touch of colour and highlight.

The real star of the show is the lip, which is also made by Cheekbone Beauty in the colour Sarain (Named after the amazing Sarain Fox).


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