Cheekbone Beauty – Perfect Brow Review

Todays product review is for Cheekbone Beauty’s Perfect Brow product. Its an eyebrow enhancement product not unlike the Boy Brow from Glossier.

It retails for $24.00 CAD and has lasted me several months.

Honestly I have tried so many options for Brow products. I’ve tried powders, pomades, brow pencils. Anything you can find on the market, I’ve tried it. I think I even tried a wax one time.

Either way. I actually don’t really need much in the way of brow product. I never really did much to my eyebrows so they’ve stayed basically the same my whole life. There was only one time that I did have that much to work with but I fixed it. Either way, I have eyebrows, but they arent thick enough to my liking so I like to add more definition to them when I put a full face of makeup on.

My natural brows

As you can see from this photo, my eyebrows arent that sparse, but they can use a little extra help when I do have full foundation on as the foundation tends to cover the smaller hairs in the front of my eyebrow and closer to the tail.

I have been using this product for several months. This brow product is the best! It doesnt leave me with breakouts in my eyebrows. It looks natural. Because it’s a tint, it grabs onto your hairs and acts like a brow mascara. It adds definition without looking unnatural.

Cheekbone Beauty Perfect Brows
Left is using Perfect Brow right is my natural brow

You can see in the after picture that it adds a slight tint. Just enough to look really natural.

I love how easy it is to apply and it also helps tame my errant hairs and it also clings to the little hairs I have at the end of my eyebrows to give my brows a little extra fluff. I usually only do one pass with the wand over each eyebrow and add a little more to the tail end of my brows to define the shape and make those hairs a little more obvious.

I am definitely going to purchase this and HIGHLY recommend anyone who has issues with other brow products. It’s easy to use, build able and highly pigmented. After years of looking for a natural looking brow product, I have definitely found my favourite product. If you can applyn mascara you can definitely use this brow product.



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