New and Upcoming Makeup Releases

I’ve decided to try something new. I can’t afford to buy all the new releases but I can start writing about them! There always seems to be a ton of makeup releases and I miss all of them, this would at least keep me up to date and informed!

First up is this Alamar Cosmetics X Disney collab collection. It has quite a bit of product in the line. I like the look of the palette, there are a lot of shimmer shadows though which I am not a huge fan of, especially as I already have so many. I’m also not leaning towards the glosses, there is too much glitter for my personal taste. I think the only thing I would maybe pick up is the mirror. It looks to be a decent size but I already have an embarrassing amount of mirrors that I probably would not use it.

Next up is the Colour Pop Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer collection. I cannot lie, those the hair clips they have in the collection are calling my daughters name! Interestingly, this eyeshadow palette seems to have the same vibes as the Alamar Disney collection. I do like the variety of items in this collection a lot more. The bath soak is a cute snowflake and I really like the lip scrub. Lip glosses are pretty glittery so it’s a no from me dawg. Those hair clips though πŸ€”πŸ€”

I dont know if I ever talked about Morphe, but I wanna say that I will probably never buy from Morphe. That being said, those body embellishments are giving me Sailor Moon vibes and I kinda like them?? This collection is the Morphe X Pony collection and I like the packaging but I have never been impressed with Morphes eyeshadow formula so I’m going to say no for me on this.

This here is the Lights Lacquer holiday collection. It’s called Sugar Shop and im eh. I love nail polish and have been really getting into doing my nails when my daughter naps but this collection doesn’t speak to me really. I love the variety and different colours, but Holo Taco just released their holiday collection and that collection is immaculate.

So this is the Mac Cosmetics X Lisa collection and tbh I got REALLY excited about it until I realised it wasn’t a re-release of the Selena collection. It’s a cute collection and I love that they chose the powder lip to keep with the Korean style of diffused lip colour that seems to be a trend in Korea at the moment. I like the soft iridescent eyeshadow in the palette but it all seems to be more pink and red which is fine.

Oooooooooh now THIS is BEAUTIFUL 😍! This is the Amor Y Mariposas collection and damn. That packaging, the colours!!! If I had a spare $500 I would ABSOLUTELY buy the PR package. I’ve never bought anything from melt but whew. This makes me want to! I love everything about this. Those gel liners! I don’t know about the bright pink but I am living for that Greeeen.

I am loving this collection. I really love Holo Taco and the glitter polishes are so perfect. If I could do nail art this would be so cool to have, especially that brown and black. But honestly all of these colours scream holiday season to me and I could see myself wearing all of them. Normally I buy myself a lil something something for my birthday and if I could this year I would have absolutely purchased this.

Well thats it for this week’s releases and upcoming collections. I feel like I have misses a few but honestly there is always so much happening weekly that I would have a post a million years long. And thats not covering the Indie Makeup releases! I will have to do another post for those. Let me know what releases you’re looking at and what you want to purchase from the collections!


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