New and Upcoming Makeup Releases November 26, 2021

Its that time of the week again! I run through upcoming makeup releases and give my opinions! No ramble. Let’s jump right in!

First up is Colourpop Smoke N Roses. Honestly this is cuuuute. Loving the colours, I like the setup, it looks like 4 sets of quads with colour on the bottom to help deepen any looks you create. I wonder if the price point will be similar to their other 30 pan palettes. Either way, this is cute.

Second up, Too Faced Too Femme collection. This collection is cute, that Bronzer shade looks a lil sus to me not gonna lie. I honestly haven’t been interested in Too Faced in a long time. I think the heart core lipsticks are cute, they remind me a lot of Korean brands. Would I buy it? Probably not.

Ohoho! This palette is stunning! At first glance I wasn’t wowed but those switched got me. The dark blue and green in this palette is screaming my name! And only $24? I think I might be convinced to pick one up for sure. The shimmers are nice too, I bet they would all mix together really nicely. Dang.

Now this is cute! This is the HipDot Rugrats Chanukah collection, based off of the “A Rugrats Chanukah” episode and it’s adorable. The face masks kinda scare me but everything else is cute. For $78 you get a nice haul too. My only question is about the glosses, I want to know if the blue and gold are for your eyes or lips. But glosses for eyes? I don’t get it.

This is the Marilyn Monroe collection from Revolution Pro and it’s cute. It’s got some subtle colours, and classic Marilyn vibes, everything has a nice price point as well, you know for being a Marilyn collection. I dont think I’d purchase anything from this though.

Well this is different! Coming at ya from She Glam is a set of astrology palettes and they are so cool. I can’t lie I really love the artwork and concept. The colour stories are great ad the Sagittarius palette is up my alley for sure. Price point is great too! Cute cute cute.

This bad boy is the latest from Violet Voss. Remember when all the Beautubers were about Violet Voss? State Farm remembers. Anyway, this is the Mini sunflower and I Rust You palettes. The colours would have been PERFECT for an early fall release, not just before the holidays. The I Rust U palette has some nice colours in it, but I don’t know if I would drop $45 on it. Put it in the cart and wait for it to go on sale I think.


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