Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette Review

Today I’m going to be talking real quick about the Juvias Place Masqerade Palette. Most of their products are Vegan and Cruelty Free (which is great for those who are looking for more CF indie companies). You can order their products online and in store (to find out where to purchase they have a wonderful store locator on the website to help you purchase if there is a store in your location. There are no retail locations in Canada so I just order online. The shipping is fast, I ordered my palettes on Black Friday and received them on December 2, 2018. Thats some great turnaround time, especially for an order on Black Friday, which I am sure is a heavy weekend for any company, let alone an indie makeup company.


The Juvia’s Place Maquerade palette retails for $25.00 USD.  Its a very large palette coming in at 57.6 Grams. The pan size on all the colors is fairly large measuring at a good inch in diameter.


The colours are beautiful and vibrant. Very easy to use and create beautiful elaborate looks. There are a loot of neutral shades perfect for many different skin tones to work with as transition shades if they choose to use a transition shade.

I love Juvias Place shimmer shades, they are always vibrant and translate well in any way you choose to use them.


As you can see in the swatches the colours are super vibrant, even tho these are finger swatches, the colour payoff still translates really well with a makeup brush. I do tend to use my fingers when applying the shimmer shades for a more intense look and that really helps to make the colours pop.

I originally bought this palette because Juvias Place was having a sale and you could use an affiliate code, so I hopped on that wagon real quick, although I still would purchase this palette at full price because it performs so well.

I would highly recommend this palette. Its size doesnt make it great for travel but I dont think that would stop anyone. I dont like scoring anything but if I could, this would get a 10/10 from me.

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